Donderdag, 28 Maart 2013

A Snake in my Fairytales Garden

hello all readers ! i lost my old blog cause i forgot the password, so enjoy my new blog !
my new fashion look is PATTERN ! i tried to combine my 'snake' skirts with red floral shirt, i love the angel print and studded at my shoulder.
i'll told you all the truth, now i'm joining blogger competition hosted by , i hope this pattern look can make me being the winner at this competition.

 hope you all enjoy my new post :)

Bowler hat: FOREVER 21
Red floral shirt: ZARA
Leather jacket: ZARA
Snake print skirt: RED

this last picture is absurd, but this is my expression if i choosen for top 5 at this competition! feel free to comment and follow please :)

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  1. Love your jacket <3

    Wanna follow each other? Let me know.

    AntwoordVee uit
    1. Aaaw thanks ! Yes ;) keep following me please

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